Healthy Heart (FHIR)

Healthy Heart is our web application developed for patients to easily monitor and improve their cardiovascular health. There are two main components this application provides: cardiovascular risk assessment, and health counseling.

Former component relies on assessment of patients’ Frammingham risk score using EHR retrieved from FHIR server. An observation page displays FHIR resources retrieved for the authenticated patient. The patient may edit this record to recompute a more accurate risk assessment. Our application tracks patients’ risk score assessment over a period of time so that patients may visualize changes in cardiovascular health.

The counseling component allows patients’ to compute their Body Mass Index (BMI). Our application utilizes this BMI to suggest appropriate diet and exercise plans to help patients reduce their risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Team: SoCal on Fhir

Project: Healthy diet and physical activity counseling to prevent cardiovascular disease: adults with cardiovascular risk factors

Team Members: Lauran Ando, Joseph Atalla, Zhi (Devin) W. Chen, George Kaymaz, Tyler Wear

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  • username: admin
  • password: password123