Vivienne Westwood 1987 Harris Tweed Blue Love Suit


Jacket:  Vivienne Westwood Harris Tweed Love Jacket in Blue Tweed
Skirt:  Vivienne Westwood Harris Tweed Mini Skirt in Blue Tweed
Blouse:  Anglomania High Collar Blouse
Stockings:  Japan Label
Shoes:  Gold Label Low Heel Three Strap Pumps in Blue
Hat:  Worlds End John Bull Hat in Blue
Necklace:  Worlds End Giant Orb Pendant in Silver

A while back I was casually perusing the auction sites, and stumbled across this magnificent suit.  It’s an original Harris Tweed love suit in blue.  The heart is textured with gold and black, and has pleats around the perimeter.  The condition is exquisite.  I’ve only ever seen this once before on a museum collection’s website.  The skirt is a bit too small for me as it’s a vintage UK10, but the jacket is perfect and is a vintage UK12.

I’m on summer vacation at the moment, and am saving up for winter sales, so the next six months I won’t have too many new coordinates to post as I won’t be buying anything new until then, and will have to make sure to just wear what I have already.  I’m doing a bit clear-out on ebay to help make space for winter.


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