Merry Christmas 2014: Babyssb Marie Rose OP in Wine


OP: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Marie Rose OP in Wine Velvet [link]
Socks: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Small Lace Knee Socks in Wine [link]
Shoes: An*tai*na Platform Shoes [link]
Headdress: Innocent World Rose Headdress
Necklace: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Crown Pendant


Merry Christmas!  I had a very nice low key holiday at home today.  For Christmas I ordered the JetJ Cartes et squelette JSK in black, and that will most likely be the last dress I purchase for a while.  I have a number of items in my closet that I still need to wear and add to my blog memories, so I will be shelving my shopping habits for a short time while I give attention to them. I’ll also be pleasantly busy starting in the new year, as I will be going back to school full time.

To celebrate Christmas, I went for red and white color theme.  The shoes wouldn’t typically be my first choice, but I was going for an old school style, and have had these sitting in my closet for too long untouched.  I may put them up for sale now that I have my white rhs boots.  I’m highly amused that Baby still uses the same color of wine today that they used 10 years ago, as the socks are from 2014 and the dress is from 2004, and yet they match perfectly.




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