Innocent World Rose Stained Glass Long Blue JSK with Worlds End Small Bowler Hat

Rose Stained Glass SM


JSK:  Innocent World Rose Stained Glass Long JSK in Blue
Blouse:  Axes Femme
Socks:  Innocent World
Shoes:  Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Low Heel 3 Straps in Blue
Hat:  Vivienne Westwood Worlds End Small Bowler Hat in Royal Blue

I think I’m finally refining my current style.  A more mature, simple, and elegant style of lolita, somewhere between lolita and otome, longer lengths, minimal accessories, natural hair, artistic non-childish prints.  I spent the past 4 months becoming a bit more involved than I anticipated, trying a multitude of styles before I realize that I’m most comfortable wearing something that I can wear casually, to my local grocer, without turning too many heads.  Due to my celiac disease, I’m unable to travel freely or attend big production events out of town, so my needs for embellishment are minimal.  I might attend this year’s PMX, which will be hosting Innocent World as a guest, and that suits me perfectly considering they are one of my current favorite lolita brands along with Juliette et Justine.  It’s still too early to say what I will wear, perhaps a fall coordinate with my current favorite dress, this lovely rose stained glass jsk.  Today I coordinated it for summer with a brimmed bowler hat, light reflective colors, and short draped sleeves.


Innocent World Rose Stained Glass Long JSK Blue

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