A Slight Change of Style, Vintage Corset and Mini Crini Lolita



Blouse: Anglomania High Collar Blouse in White
Corset: Vintage Boulle Corset
Skirt: Anglomania Mini Crini in Black Eyelet
Tights: Japan Label Rubbish Tights in Mild Grey
Shoes: Vintage Gold Label Elevated Gillies in Black
Jewelry: 3 Strand Pearl Bas Relief Choker, Diamante Horn Tiara

Some of my close friends already know this, but I’m about to do a wardrobe overhaul once again. For the past 3 years I’ve been focusing on my Vivienne Westwood collection 100%, and while I’ve enjoyed it, it’s time to start incorporating more items into my wardrobe that reflect what I like. Which means a couple of things.
1. Yes, I’m returning to lolita fashion.
2. No, I’m not giving up on Vivienne Westwood fashion.
3. Yes, I plan on combining the two.
4. My focus will be coordinating in a more mature and age appropriate way, no more hyper sweet lolita, but instead more classical themes and long skirts.
5. Why? Honestly because I do miss it, but the biggest factor is the community. For several years I’ve searched for a Vivienne Westwood community to participate in, for a long time I thought I was just not looking in the right places, but it just doesn’t seem to exist on the level that I was anticipating. When I collected handbags, I was very happy to be a part of the purse forums, and in comparison lolita fashion has a huge online community with dozens of thousands of members worldwide, but with Vivienne Westwood I’ve only found a handful of people who I adore dearly but are all very personal people with very busy professional lives and there is almost no online collective. The most interactivity within the Vivienne Westwood community you can expect is a few likes on an instagram post. Whereas Lolita fashion is a multi branded community with near hundreds of indie designers all constantly using fan feedback and current trends to cater to the member’s desires. When I left lolita fashion in 2011, it was still very much a world of over the top sweet coordinates, hyper cute and youthful, and a bit obnoxious, but now as the average age of the community is increasing, brands are catering more to both the new young members as well as the older long term dedicated members by varying their clothing lengths, colors, and degree of details. In the past few years the spectrum of lolita fashion styles have increased, and one thing that I’m currently in love with are the museum painting prints of Juliette et Justine, which for the community is already a passing fad but something I want to explore more of. When VW revisted this concept with her Rubens and Parlor prints in recent seasons, I was excited and expected to see more, but everything has gone back to muddy organic solid colors and abstract shapes which I’m not a fan of (at all). So, for the meantime, I’ll be doing a bit more selective purchasing, collecting my favorites from both fashions, and hopefully doing a little mixing and matching.



  1. Really interesting post and it echoes what a lot of us are thinking regarding VW. There is no community bar the few of us being friends on FB, the brand does nothing save Bens blog, to encourage loyalty or specifically target it’s fans. The more commercial it becomes the less interesting for those of us who sought it out for something different. I too have have started seeking out alternatives going back to vintage 80s and other designers. I think it will be interesting to see where VW goes and also to see where our style goes too. I will always adore VW but it does seem a time to move on. X

    1. I think what really got to me in the end, was seeing the same top 10 items of the season on everybody on instagram every single day for weeks and weeks and weeks, to the point where I had to stop looking. It’s hard to maintain any sort of attention. What initially drew me to wanting to collect Vivienne Westwood in the first place was her earlier work with in the 80s and 90s, I can still watch and rewatch those runway collections and never get bored. There was a bit of that feeling with the upcoming red label collection, but I most likely won’t be buying anything because of the oversized tailoring. Every season there seems to be one or two sets or dresses that are flattering and pretty, but then everyone gets the same sets and we all get bored of looking at each other. Funny though how despite all this, shoes are totally ok, I never really get bored of looking at everyone wearing the same shoes, and while I understand that shoes are staple items, it really does make me wonder exactly why we don’t get bored of shoes at the same rate we do with clothes. I mean, even Anna Wintour wears the same god awful shoes everywhere.

  2. Think you have put into words what we Westwood fans have been thinking for a while. Designs have become dull and more pricey, gone are the days where you could pick up a bargain on ebay, and sometimes I feel people buy and wear the items to see who can get the more likes on Instagram. Our lives change, babies, new jobs, houses, and spending prioritys change, gone are the days where I wouldn’t think anything of spending £300 for a dress to wear for coffee with my friends. Now I have to think how much wear will I get and does it go more than 5 things in my wardrobe, but sometimes I have a cheeky ebay purchase.

    I think you look fabo Lauren, I think if you have style you can mix designer and high street, even supermarket clothes, and look wonderful. Xx

    1. It’s funny you mention ebay bargain, because one of my main complaints is the Vivienne Westwood has almost no resale value (outside of Japan). I’ve been a bit spoiled, as with the lolita community the resale on clothing is almost near retail value, there are so many people all over the world and so few pieces made of each dress and almost every dress holds its value for several years, and it’s very easy to wear something a few times and then sell it and get almost all your money back just in time to buy the next dress on your wishlist. Whereas with VW I have to make sure that everything I buy, I’m buying for keeps, because if I want to sell something, I’d be lucky to make back pocket change. You can buy a pair of pirate boots in mint condition on ebay these days for 99gbp. I’ve sold gold label dresses on auction for even less, and it’s just really depressing to see how valueless the clothing becomes without a community to maintain a resale value.

  3. just been reading your post and the comments, and funny since quite some time i had similiar thoughts. we have the world’s end shop in germany but no vw stores, so scrolling the same online sites up and down, over and over… also there seems to be no-one interested in blogs or anything here. a bit sad, i turned to DIY for a change. so i take a close look at some of my favourite and easy VW pieces, try to make them myself or using them as an inspiration in recycling old shirts from my dad or my husband…lol. a bit of killing the time until i find some genuine VW pieces which make my heart bounce again :))
    still enjoy looking at your outfits and older posts, will follow
    godwina, x

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