Anglomania Sea Monster Falcon Dress


Dress: Anglomania Sea Monster Falcon Dress
Shoes: Gold Label Tartan Clompers
Tights: Non-brand
Jewelry: Diamante Horn Tiara, Worlds End Giant Orb Pendant

Every season there is usually one or two articles of clothing that I put on my wishlist to buy during the seasonal sales, this year however I was a bit too patient, and missed the end of the sale by mere days. I really wanted to pick up this dress, but by the time I had called my shop to put one aside for me, they had just sent the sale items back to England, and none of the online shops had the dress available for a decent price. Fortunately a friend of a friend was in a similar situation with a coat that was only available here in the USA, for the exact same price! So we decided to do a shopping trade, they hunted down the last of the falcon dresses in my size, and I ordered the coat. A couple of customs delays and import tax headaches later, and we both received our packages safe and sound. Despite the headaches, it was quite fun to do a shopping trade, and I am extremely thankful for their help in locating me a dress. I noticed right away that the dress matches with my tartan clompers.


The dress itself is a combination of a Vivienne Westwood multicolor tartan overlayed with hearts, stars, and the AR motif, but the real treat are the sea monsters inspired by the 1592 portrait of Queen Elizabeth the first, in which her dress was painted with dozens of them.


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