Instagram Round-up 5: Harris Tweed Heart Jacket, Tartan Clompers, Gold Squiggles, and Outfit Snaps

I haven’t posted in quite a while! I haven’t had much free time to take any nice photos recently, but I do have a rather large collection of cellphone instagram pictures to share. Couple of new things I picked up this month of January include a Harris Tweed Heart Jacket, Gold Label Tartan Clompers, and Accessories Label Gold Squiggle 3-Strap Pumps.


Worlds End Elephant Climate Revolution Square T-Shirt, Worlds End Cap, Louis Vuitton Speedy, George Cox Ripple Sole Engineer Boots, Non-brand leggings.


Japan Label Anglomania Elephant Twist Dresses. Left is black with long sleeves, right is blue with short sleeves and Anglomania Floral print. Paired with Worlds End cap, Japan Label Socks, and Gold Label Red T-bar Pumps


Yellow x Orange Leopard Japan Label Cap and Belt. Picked up this belt from Ainahaina, as I have had the cap for a while but had nothing to match it with.


Shopping in Black Milk Leggings, Anglomania Elephant Twist Dress, Louis Vuitton Idylle Speedy, Worlds End Black Tracey Trainers


Out Shopping – Red Label Blazer, Lick Me All Over T-shirt, Red Label Pockets Mini Skirt, Black Milk Leggings, Gold Label Rocking Horse Golfs in Red and White Kid Leather


Anglomania Elephant Twist Dress, Yellow Tights, McCambridge Tartan Gillies


Necklace Print Shirt Dress, Red Label Denim Pockets Mini Skirt, Worlds End Cap, Gold Label Blue 3-Strap Pumps


Necklace Print Shirt Dress, Worlds End Cap, Red Leggings, Accessories Label Natural Leather Power Station Courts


Japan Label Red Squiggle Thigh High Socks, Accessories Label Gold Squiggle 3-Strap Power Station Heel Pumps


Red Label Harris Tweed Heart Jacket, Worlds End Climate Revolution Square T-Shirt, Gold Label Pencil Skirt, Gold Label Black Elevated Gillies


Worlds End Climate Revolution Square T-Shirt, Gold Label Pencil Skirt, Gold Label Black Elevated Gillies


Gold Label Meg Clompers in Tartan and Crocco


Fitting my new clompers into my shoe shelves.

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