DIY Vivienne Westwood Square Shirt with Lush Climate Revolution Knot Wraps


Top: DIY Vivienne Westwood Climate Revolution Square Top made from Lush Knot Wraps
Leggings: Japan Label Wool Grey Leopard Leggings
Shoes: Accessories Label Propaganda/Active Resistance Pirate Boots
Headband: Worlds End Chaos Headband in Grey Wool


Recently I received a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood x Lush knot wrap from my bff for christmas. I spent a few weeks deciding what to do with it, besides it’s obvious purpose as a knot wrap. I considered putting it up as a wall decoration or wearing it as a scarf. Then, while watching the video on the Lush website about how the knot wraps are constructed from organic cotton and woven in a way that is normally done for top end women’s blouses, it struck me that if I had two pieces I could sew them together into a square shirt. They’re very basic, with the stitching on the outside, no need for cutting, hemming, surging, etc. So I made a trip to my local lush store for a second knot wrap, and when I came home I loosely stitched them together. The fabric is quite stiff, and could perhaps use a wash with some fabric softener, but overall I think it turned out quite nice. I still haven’t decided if I want to do a more permanent stitch on the seams, as I quite like the idea of a loose stitch so I can quickly pick it apart if I want to use them again for their original purpose. Here is a rough diagram of where I put my stitches. I left a 14″ hole at the middle for the head, 10″ holes for the arms. The knot wraps are quite large, and I think this would fit multiple sizes.


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