Merry Christmas 2013! Gold Label Golfs!


Dress:  Anglomania Sunday Dress with matching handkerchief
Tights:  Non-brand
Shoes:  Gold Label Golf Rocking Horse Shoes
Blouse:  Anglomania High Collar Blouse
Jewelry:  Diamante Horn Tiara, Gold Small Orb Pendant, 3 Row Pearl Bas Relief Orb Choker

Merry Christmas!!  I was spoiled rotten this year by my family.  I suppose it feels that way since my family has learned how to read my amazon wish list, instead of picking things out themselves that I don’t particularly need.  I already posted the gold label clompers I got early, but I also received these rocking horse golfs in red and white!  I have another pair in black and white on the way in January, but those are taking some time as the shoe shop is closed for the holiday and need to be made.  This year, my shoe collection scheme are flats and rocking horse shoes.  Golfs were first on my list.  They need a bit of breaking in, the leather is so new that they’re quite stiff, and I’m having fun slowly softening them up.

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