Gold Label Mock Croc Clompers Are Ridiculous And Stompy


My Gold Label Clompers arrived so quickly!  I was going to tuck them under the tree, but I just had to try them on to check the fit, and it was a slippery slope once I put them on my feet.  I ordered a whole size up, as they run narrow.  The uppers are in the slave sandal style, which means the shoes are mostly supported at the straps across the toe, and mine are a tad large, so I shuffle around when I walk as if I’m wearing a pair of slippers.  The hard part though is avoiding the lip of the soles, I found myself stepping on them rather frequently by accident.  They are really great, and I love the way that large platform shoes have a slimming effect on the legs.

Another early Christmas present arrived at the same time.  An Elephant Twister dress in the SS13 pink/red colorway.  I’ve found that I mostly wear my elephant shirts and elephant twister dresses when I go out shopping and for casual events.  So naturally I need more.  I wasn’t trying to make a coordinate for this, I just tossed things on.  Will take proper pictures soon.  Here are some closer detailed photos of the shoes themselves.


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