Instagram Round-up 4: My Birthday 2013


My birthday was 11/13, and to celebrate I picked out a pair of golfs to be custom made, but they won’t be ready until after the new year.  I couldn’t go empty handed, and picked up a pair of black Tracey Trainers since they were the last available in my size in the old solid black style.  The new style have a red patch on the back that I wasn’t too keen on.  My new style gold Tracey Trainers have this red patch.



I also picked up a pair of fuchsia ‘raspberry’ pink relaxed leather rocking horse ballerina shoes from a Japanese auction.  I don’t have any pink shoes to match my pink clothes, and felt it was a perfect fit into my collection.


I also have been filtering out more clothes that I have outgrown during my recovery, and spotted this graffiti tartan jacket in a size larger than my current graffiti tartan jacket.  Much more comfortable, and I like the style much better than the other.



On the 16th I had a mini celebration at my apartment with some friends, we had pho, and they brought me the most delicious vegan gluten free cupcakes.  I had my husband go pick some up for my birthday, but they only had 3 flavors available, but when my friends went on the 16th, they were able to get a whole smorgasbord of flavors.  I managed to eat 12 cupcakes over the course of 7 days.  No regrets.  Before they came over to visit, I had gone to pick up my birthday present to myself.  The PS4 and Assassin’s Creed that I had reserved earlier this year.  I had also received on my birthday a present from my dad in the mail, which turned out to be a Playstation Vita (I had it on my wishlist, smart man), and my mother sent me a nice sweater and an amazon giftcard that I used to pick up Persona 4 Golden.  Lots of video gaming this week.


After coming out of my cupcake and video game induced hermitage, I finally got outside to run some errands, breath some fresh air, and enjoy wasting my time stuck in LA traffic, only to realize I forgot my wallet when I got to my destination.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻



I also somehow noticed that a skirt I was about to sell on ebay since it matched nothing in my closet, matches the shirt that I have which also matches nothing in my closet.  A near miss on this outfit!  I got so excited I forgot to dewrinkle my shirt before snapping a photo to remember it for later.



Finally, in most recent news, on Sunday I went to see Dir en grey play at the House of Blues.  I was going to go with my bff, but the decision to go was very impromptu as I felt like I was coming down with a cold the day before and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to go.  Unfortunately, when I decided to just go, it was too late to ask anyone to go with me, but I ran into my friend Victoria who arrived at the exact same time that I did, and it was fun getting to finally hang out together.  Before I left it literally took me like an hour to decide what shoes to wear, eventually I went with my tan pirate boots at the last moment, and didn’t regret it.



So, birthday 2013 was pretty great this year!!  Definitely the best i’ve had so far this decade.  Now I get to prepare for the holidays, which means no more shopping while I hunt down the perfect presents for my family and friends, get a tree, look up some new recipes, and work on my strength training.

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