Worlds End Blanket Cape


Last week I received this cozy blanket cape from Worlds End.  Many of my friends picked this up last fall, and I was surprised they released 3 more for sale this year!  I got the last one, and I couldn’t be happier!!  It’s made entirely of wool, very soft and warm, with one side of the blanket stitched over into a loop with a long scarf threaded through so you can tie it around your shoulders.  It is the perfect weather for this cape, and I find I enjoy wearing it while sitting at my computer or watching tv.  It also works great for 1am dog walks when I refuse to put pants on, so there’s that.RICV5WT


Underneath the cape, I’m wearing my a long sleeve Sunday dress in a dark khaki grey.  I traded my too small dark grey dress for this slightly larger dark khaki dress, and it’s much more comfortable.


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