Happy Fall Solstice! Time for a fit check! Dresses

1176178_10200593436978838_142274236_n (1)

It’s officially Fall!  My favorite season of the year.  With the change in the seasons, it’s time for a change in my wardrobe.  To facilitate this, I started going through the initial fit check to see what I’ve grown out of.  I’ll never be a size 0 again, so some of my skinny clothes from when I had mono need to clear out!  It was rather interesting to see how many things I have in multiples.  I went through my dresses, some were wrinkled from sitting in the dry cleaning hamper (for.. the last year or so, I should probably take care of that).  I started going through my skirts and suits, but lost my stamina and decided to save the rest for another day.

943302_10200627473509730_1149633929_n 1238843_10200627740796412_1251429397_n 1234040_10200627480749911_741648987_n 1234608_10200628102205447_379345704_n 935970_10200627864359501_1091636914_n 1237678_10200627884640008_268197429_n 999199_10200627727836088_1157350031_n 970410_10200628036163796_52898590_n 1236246_10200659279824868_137334310_n 1237072_10200628024883514_520627536_n

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