Instagram Round-up 3: Lavender Hair and Cheeky Alice


A couple weeks ago I decided to do a little hair experiment.  I wanted to do a lavender ombre of sorts, so I grabbed a hat and went to Sally’s for some supplies.  My natural hair color is in between a 6n and 7n at the roots, and as it grows out naturally lightens to an 8n.  My ends are bleached at the moment, so I decided to blend Color Brilliance 8n hair dye in the middle between the roots and the bleach to reduce the visibility of the hard line.  Then a few days later after giving my hair a rest, I took Color Brilliance lavender hair dye and pulled it through the lighter ends.  I really like the effect, I feel the purple tones match well with my pink/cool skin tones.  I also gave myself a fringe.

1238213_10200554734451299_1601314118_n 1238108_10200554724891060_1042438160_n

As for new stuff the past few weeks.  I’ve been maintaining my shopping ban somewhat successfully, but couldn’t resist a bottle of Cheeky Alice to add to my collection.  It’s a 2.5oz bottle, and I love the smell.  I still wear Jouy Edition mostly, but I had a sample of cheeky alice and found I alternated between the two a lot until I ran out.  Next on my list is Flirty Alice, but I want to smell a tester first.  I still have absolutely no desire to get a full size bottle of Libertine, and somewhat regret buying Let It Rock, as I dislike those scents, they smell terribly with my body chemistry.  I love the rest still, Boudoir, Sin Garden, Naughty Alice, Cheeky Alice, Anglomania, Jouy Edition.



1170924_10200564097765376_91687696_n 1185299_10200528820323462_80593846_n

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