Worlds End Gigot Dress and Saawood Clogs

Dress:  Worlds End Gigot Dress in White Cotton Voile
Leggings:  Non-brand/Old Navy
Shoes:  Accessories Label Saawood Clogs
Hair Acc:  Worlds End Chaos Beanie
Sunglasses:  Prada Baroque
This morning I received my gigot dress in white from the Vivienne Westwood Los Angeles boutique on Melrose.  Since my husband and I share a car, I haven’t had a chance to drive to the shop, and instead ordered it over the phone and had it mailed to me.  It’s really a lovely dress.  I just tossed it on to check the fit, will plan on wearing this again soon before summer ends.  Perhaps to the beach.
Also, last night I received my vintage corset, it’s a beautiful corset made entirely of lace and boning.  Even the nude lining is lace, making it somewhat sheer, but up against the skin it looks opaque.  It is a vintage size 14, so it is a little bit large on me in the shoulder straps and bust, but the waist fits fine.  :sigh:  It arrived smelling like it had sat in a hot box full of smoldering cigarette butts, and I had to spray it down with febreeze and hang it by the window to air out, but I might attempt a soak to get the ashy residue out of the lace fibers.
934690_10200368677639995_631785667_n 1001094_10200368819403539_49957465_n

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