Instagram Round-up 2: Toned my new wig, ran out of space in my closet, and two many skirts.

Earlier this week I washed and toned my new hair, now it’s a slight bit less yellow, and little bit more white.  I really do love this hair, I want to wear it all the time, but I don’t like wearing wigs around the house when my husband is home (because he thinks I’m a weirdo when I do).  My roots on my natural hair are growing way waaaay out.  Its at the point where I tell myself I can either roll with the ombre trend and say I meant to do it that way, or suck it up and go get my roots bleached.  As I am still technically under oath of my new years resolution to grow out my hair, it may be a while before I make any sort of official decision on what to do about it.

In shoe news, I officially am out of space in my gold label shoe cabinet, and there is no space in my ‘other’ less important shoe cabinet to shift the top shelf of Italian shoes over, so I’m in need of an IKEA run super soon for more shelves.  That’s what I love about these shelving systems, they sell the parts individually so you can customize everything.  Still debating on glass shelves instead of the white coated particle board.


Today I’m wearing my Anglomania red tartan suit, as yesterday I received a new cosmopolita skirt in my correct size.  Back when I bought the suit the only size the skirt was still available in during the end of season sales was a 44, and I’ve just sort of been winging it despite it being way too huge on me.  Been checking the resale market and old season shops for it to pop up, and finally managed to snag one in my size 6 months later.  Now I have an extra skirt, so if anyone wants dibs, it’s $75 shipped (anywhere), size 44.

524319_10200337964232179_637681379_n 1094966_10200337996472985_1242497916_n


  1. Hi Lauran!I happened to discover your blog one of these days and loved it. I see you are a huge fan of VW shoes and clothes. I live in Brazil and I am a Melissa lover, and I get easy acess to VW + Melissa shoes (on the other hand, unfortunately I can’t afford Gold/Red/whatever label clothes or shoes). Thought you’d like to know they will release a plastic Slave Sandal soon, in very nice colors, including a version that glows in the dark. You can check them here: thought you could be interested, lol.Keep up the great posts!

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