Instagram Roundup: New Wig, Old Wig, Gold Label Gown, and Pirate Boots.

This month, I ordered a new blonde wig in 22″ Indian Remy human hair, this is when I tried it on straight out of the box before doing any proper washing and styling.  Since I destroyed my other long blonde wig that I wore nearly every day when I shaved my head, I desperately needed a replacement.  I planned originally to do an ombre with a mix of pastels, but this is such a gorgeous wig I don’t think I would have the heart to do anything to it other than a simple toner wash to neutralize some of the yellow.  I may just have to wait til next month and get a second wig for color experimenting.  Speaking of which, my ultra violet wig was fading something horrible, so I touched it up with fresh color, and also trimmed the fringe.
Later that same night, I was trying to figure out where to put all of my Vivienne Westwood pins that I get as omake with my orders, and I decided that I would decorate my handbag that I made last year.  I don’t wear the bag, as I’m still working on getting gold toned hardware for the straps, but it makes a nice visual piece on my display shelf, and there is plenty more room for extra pins.
Earlier this week, I debated for about 2 days if I wanted to order this Gold Label Cross Corset Gown, it was for a significant discount on ebay, and the seller had it noted as being of defective construction, the inner corset is a size UK12, but the outer shell is closer to a UK8, and when worn it is impossible to button up, but it was an extremely simple fix!  All I had to do was move some of the buttons to line up with the front enclosure, and it turned out perfect!
I tried it on right away to make sure that the alteration fit, and I must say, I was almost sad that I didn’t have a red carpet event to attend that night, the dress is just utterly flattering in every way.  It is incredibly long, and even with 6″ heels, the dress swept the floor.  I may yet still need to get it altered by a professional to take up the hem about three or four inches.  The built in corset is stunning, really sucks everything in and lifts.  To be able to give my bustline defined cleavage is a magical feat (that seriously never happens).
Lastly I picked up these pirate boots from ebay for a proper steal.  They were barely worn, perhaps not more than twice, the leather still fresh, and the soles still clean.  I had absolutely no plan to purchase another pair of pirate boots, but these literally fell into my lap at a bargain I couldn’t refuse, and I couldn’t be happier.  Granted, what goes up must come down, and during the shipping process the box got horribly smashed and destroyed.  I love collecting the original shoeboxes with my shoes, so I was extremely upset about it, but fortunately the damage to the shoes was minimal.  There was only a tiny bit of squishing on one side.
My dog really wanted to play and cuddle right when I was taking pictures of my boots.  He’s so cute, that after I finally managed to get one clear photo, I took him straight out for a walk and some play time.  I love him.
969041_10200296103745693_1281716230_n 969535_10200296125866246_1670126649_n

As you can see I am trying to post more on Instagram, instead of just here on my blog.  I added a widget to the side so anyone can see my instagram updates before I make a roundup post.  I decided to start using instagram more, as I feel the Vivienne Westwood community tends to mingle over there moreso than on tumblr or facebook, and I really enjoy looking at everyone’s updates.  I also decided to say goodbye and delete my tumblr, as there just isn’t that big enough a community there.

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