I Heart Crap and Anglomania Red Tartan Suit with Elevated Gillies

Top:  Gold Label I Heart Crap T-shirt
Outer:  Anglomania Red Tartan Blazer
Skirt:  Anglomania Red Tartan Mini Cosmopolita Skirt
Tights:  Non-brand
Shoes:  Gold Label Red Patent Elevated Gillies
Clutch:  I Heart Crap Clutch
Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans!  Today I had the day off and spent the majority of it with my dogs in bed, sleeping in late, eating bbq, and playing Animal Crossing.  I was going to take the dogs with me to see fireworks, but they were really not happy with the explosion noises, and I couldn’t get them out of the front door, so we stayed in and played dress up.  I had gotten a few lip tars in primary colors, and wanted to see if I could reasonably replicate the F/W 2012 Red Label look.  Granted, I’m not a makeup artist (not even close), so it could have turned out so much worse.
Something I’ve noticed about myself since my celiac diagnosis, is I really lost a lot of motivation to try to look my best, accessorize, etc.  Losing the ability to eat gluten, and all the social repercussions with that, has really given me a complex and it’s negatively impacted my self confidence.  So while I’m on my shopping ban, I’m going to work on myself, instead of my closet.  Also, I’ve gone back and added a whole lot of back entries to 2008, and I plan on adding a whole lot more in the near future as I slowly merge my old lolita fashion blog with this one.  I hope to have it completed by the end of the year, because next year, 2014, will be my 10 year outfit blogging anniversary.  Kind of scary I’ve managed to keep it up for so long, but I hope this blog will continue on motivating me to look my best for the rest of my life.


  1. This is great I love seeing your old co-ords. I really need to dig out some old photos of mine, there must be some I didn’t rip up during the teen angst years!

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