My Brother’s Wedding

As the weather was warm, I wore my Anglomania sunday dress in a nice mauve tartan seersucker cotton.  I didn’t take any photos of myself at the wedding, but there were a bunch of professional photos taken, and other pictures I’m sure my family will be sharing all over facebook in the upcoming weeks.
Before day before the wedding, I drove 3 hours from Los Angeles to La Jolla, checked into my hotel, took a hot shower, and then went for a walk around La Jolla cove in my pajamas and wet hair.  I picked up some of the charity tie dye shawls and a charity tie dye dress for my friend in Georgia who used to hang out here with me when we were kids.  I got myself a rather nice blue and yellow shawl made of rayon, it reminds me of pineapples.  Then I settled in for the night with some gluten free sammiches and video games, but I had a hard time falling asleep without my dogs with me.
photo-3- photo photo-25282-2529 photo-25281-2529 942651_4958047389443_157093410_n 6458_4958108750977_1438538144_n 576633_4958102110811_339700798_n 975072_4958169112486_623764933_n 946767_4957813503596_1711069120_n
The day of the wedding, I slept in a bit before finally getting ready.  The venue was at the Darlington House, a historical building with lots of beautiful antiques.  First was family photos, followed by the ceremony, and afterwards the reception.  My brother looked quite dapper in his bow-tie, and my new sister in law looked absolutely stunning in her strapless lace dress.  They looked very happy together, and I’m super happy the wedding went off without a hitch.  Everyone essential made it, nobody was sick or had a delay.  Even my two grandmothers came, both are around 90 years old and extremely frail, and I was just so happy to see them once more, as I might never see them again.  One of my grandma’s has terrible dementia, and it took her almost 2 hours to finally remember who I was, and when she did she clung to me and showered me with kisses and I love you’s, almost as if she was afraid she’d forget who I was again.  Very bitter sweet, but a treasure of a memory none-the-less.


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