Picking Out a Wedding Outfit.

With my brother’s wedding two weeks away, and still no dress to wear, I rummaged through my closet for things that are somewhat appropriate, and tried them all on.  It was hard to find something in my closet that was not black, white, red, or entirely bonkers.  The first is an Anglomania Parlor Print New Drape Dress, it’s probably a bit too casual.  The second is an Anglomania Sunday dress in a mauve check, a bit too short for a formal ceremony, but it is almost summer, and this is the most heat friendly.  The third is an Anglomania 100% silk Gainsborough wrap dress, and it feels much nicer than it looks.  The fourth is a Red Label two-piece set with the sunday top with attached shawl and matching eight skirt, in a thick metallic blue fabric.  The general consensus agrees that number 4 is the most wedding appropriate, so I’ll bring it with me, but it’s also the most sweat inducing, so I’ll bring number 2 as well incase I need a change.  Thanks again to my friends for their input in helping me decide, now I can spend my money on my vacation instead of more clothes, haha.  Shoes are Vince Camuto Peppa for the curious.  If I had my way I’d wear this instead, but alas my sister-in-law to be would probably hate me for it.


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