Accessories Label Open Toe Gillies and Taffeta Friday Dress

Hat:  Worlds End Military Cap
Dress:  Anglomania Friday Dress in Red Taffeta
Shoes:  Accessories Label Open Toe Gillies in Red (ish orange salmon pink or something)

My bff has these shoes, and when I found them in my size, I had to get them.  We have a thing for matching, but I guess that’s normal with friends.  These shoes are pretty comfortable, soft relaxed leather uppers with a relatively wide toe helps to prevent rubbing.  The only thing I dislike about these shoes is the lack of cushion, so the ball of your foot gets sore pretty quickly if you don’t use an insert.  I usually just get cheap gel inserts from the dollar store, so it’s not a big deal.  I’m thinking about special ordering a pay of elevated court gillies, but I’m wavering between patent red and gold.  I might go with red, since it matches more things in my wardrobe.

opentoegillies3wm opentoegillies2wm

I was playing around with my new makeup haul, and it’s my first time experimenting with contouring.  The girls at Sephora picked out a nice bronzer that was light enough for my skin, and I think it turned out pretty nice.  Now I can hide my awkward deviated septum, and accentuate my cheek bones.  My brothers best friend punched me in the face when I was a little girl, knocking me out, and now I have a deviated septum.  I’ve had it looked at by a head and neck surgeon to see if I can correct it, but since there is no severe blockages any surgery would be considered cosmetic, so I have to save up if I want to fix it.  It’s one of those sensitive subjects for me, so I’m happy I can hide it better with contouring now.  Although, I think I went a little too heavy, I’ll have to try applying it lighter next time.



  1. You’re making me so jel that you can wear summer clothes! I am also in a shoe moral dilemma, going to WE next week for a binge will take sneeky photos if they have any ele’s xx

    1. Let me know what’s comfy!! I’m tempted to save up for a pair of the elevated slaves in the multicolor fabric, but the toe looks super narrow. Even so, I’ve got about 3 other pairs of shoes I’m plotting to purchase before I can even start saving up for those.

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