Anglomania Striped Suit and Gold Label Low Heel Three Strap Pumps

Shirt:  Worlds End Climate Change Shirt
Blazer:  Anglomania
Shorts:  Anglomania
Leggings:  Japan Label
Shoes:  Gold Label
Necklace:  Worlds End Giant Orb Pendant
Last weekend I finally moved back into my renovated apartment.  The floors are now a dark brown, almost black colored wood vinyl, and the walls are a cream color with white trim and doors.  While I like it, it’s hard to take pictures now because my camera keeps trying to adjust the whiteness against the wall and the yellow throws the color off, but I found I can take pictures in front of a door instead.  I was on a shopping ban during the renovations, since I was literally spending all my money on movers.  I did sneak in a few small things however.  These gold label blue three strap pumps, and the matching Anglomania blazer to my shorts. I actually like this suit set, even if it is does age me a bit, it’s rather comfortable and easy to wear.  In other news, my hair is starting to get a bit of length.  I had to pull it back in the back to hide the horrible mullet stage, but I’m not cutting it for another 9 months.  The color is fading pretty bad, but it’s tolerable.
threestrappumps Suitwm


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  1. Both suits look great, you can’t go wrong with a good suit. I have the same colour scheme which is why I never take indoor photos as they never look right. I’d love a studio screen to pull down but no place to put it!

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