Red Label Pink Tartan Suit



Top:  Red Label Pink Tartan Blazer
Shirt:  Red Label Pink Orb T-shirt
Skirt:  Red Label Pink Tartan Pockets Mini Skirt
Stockings:  Japan Label Beige Rubbish Stockings
Shoes:  Gold Label Silver T-Bars

This week I moved into a temporary apartment while my current apartment goes under renovations, and it was a terrible experience.  I’m almost horrified at how much stuff I own.  It took two days with the movers to get everything out, and even with their help it still took me a grand total of three days busting my ass non stop between sleeps just getting things out of the apartment.  The problem is that even though I moved within the same complex, it’s a damn big building with a long walk between the two units, and my pedometer logged about 7 miles just from taking things back and forth on the first day.  It’s my ultimate goal during the few weeks that I am here to get rid of as much stuff as I possibly can, because I’ll be damned if I have to walk it all back again.

Before the move, we celebrated Valentine’s Day, and since I didn’t ask for anything specific (I was going to ask for some more WE stuff but never got around to it with all the packing), so my husband surprised me with an 4g retina display ipad, which definitely came in handy the days I had no internet.  I definitely like having an iPad, it’s more handy than I thought it would be.

As for the outfit, I’ve had this skirt for a long time, but just got the matching blazer a few days before moving.  Hadn’t gotten around til now to document it.  It’s fits a lot better than I expected it to.  I feel so 90s.

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