Featherweight Tartan Blazer and Heart Corset Belt

Last week I got a couple more sale items in the mail.  I picked up this blazer and heart corset belt in the tartan that matches my featherweight tartan skirt.  Or so I though it matched.  It is the same tartan, but for some reason it’s a bit off.  The skirt is much more peach and purple, where as the blazer and belt are much more beige.  It’s close enough that I can wear them together, but it’s off enough that it’s noticeable.  It’s too cold right now for light weight wool anyways, so after trying everything on to make sure it fits, I ended up packing it up and dressing right back in my foggy wool blanket.  All of my shoes and clothes are packed, for the move.  My zvivienne Westwood collection is squeezed into 18 square feet of boxes. I’m going to hide them in my closet so the movers don’t touch them.  I’ll move them myself.  /paranoid.

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