Hair Update and More Shirtwaister Photos

Dress:  Worlds End Shirtwaister Dress in Tartan
Belt:  Red Label Tartan Heart Corset Belt
Shoes:  Accessories Label
Jewelry:  Worlds End Giant Orb Pendant, Diamante Horn Tiara
Here’s a better shot of the dress with my camera, instead of my cell phone.  It’s fantastic.  Still would wear this dress in every color imaginable if I could.  The hair dye I used last was way too ash, and once it started to fade, it started to turn green, so I desperately need some cool red tones in my hair to balance it back out.  The color is still fresh, so it’s a deep burgundy right now, but in a few weeks this too shall fade out, hopefully to a nice and even color.  Still growing it out.  Such a slow process, but it’s nearly long enough to start wearing it up in styles to hide the weird short layers.  But for now, it’s still in that awkward short phase where it just can not look right no matter what I do.
tartanshirtwaister01 20130127-487083_4272767417872_818529051_n



  1. Hi, you look fab! I have an identical belt and wasn’t sure how to wear it best until now. Glad I came across your great blog especially as I am a Vivienne Westwood fan too.

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