Nine West Tartan Boots and Foggy Tweed Blanket Cape

Dress:  Anglomania Salon Print New Drape Dress
Outer:  Red Label Foggy Tweed Blanket Cape
Shoes:  Vivienne Westwood for Nine West Tartan Boots
Acc:  Worlds End Chaos Headband

It’s been extremely chilly here in Los Angeles, and my foggy tweed wrap could not have come at a better time.  I already wear it every day.  Yesterday after I got my flu shot (now my eyes are swollen and itchy and my nose is runny, gross) I stopped at the beauty supply store, to prepare for my 2013 hair resolution.  I needed to match my ends to my roots, so that my hair was all my natural color while it grows out.  For the next 12 months, I will not cut, color, or in any way damage or alter my hair, letting it grow as long as it can.  I’m not wearing a wig today, so you can see my natural hair color is a level 7, a dark dirty blonde with a mix of ash tones and red tones.  The dyed ends will always be of a bit off, but at least it’s close enough.  So here is hair day 1:


Even though mousy light brown/dark blonde hair isn’t very flattering on me, I need to get over my perception that beauty is in the color of my hair.  When I think about it, the way I view other people (rather than how I view myself), I usually base their beauty on things like well maintained healthy hair, bright eyes, even skin tone, etc.  I need make that my priority, rather than basing my perception of myself on people like models, photoshopped advertisements of celebrities with professional makeup, airbrushing, and styling.  This year is about not only getting healthy, but learning to be ok in my own skin.

As for the boots, I picked these up for a bargain on ebay.  $80 shipped, and they are in excellent condition.  Really happy that they are the perfect size with a relatively comfortable sole.


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