Happy New Year!! Salon New Drape Dress!

Outfit:  Anglomania New Drape Dress in the Salon print
Shoes:  Gold Label Rocking Horse Boots in Black Kid Leather
Hat:  Worlds End AR Cap
Tights:  Non-brand
Happy New Year!!  2013!!  This is my lucky year.  13 is my lucky number.  I’m trying to have low expectations for this year, but I can’t help but feel excited.  Last year one of my new years resolutions was to quit smoking, and I did it!  My other resolutions were to get healthy, save money, and travel more, but those didn’t quite happen, and hopefully this year maybe I can finally fulfill those goals.  In addition I would like to not just get healthy, but to get fit!  I’m reading Starting Strength to help me get started.  There will be an insane amount of deadlifts and squats in my near future.  Those are some pretty heavy duty resolutions, so my simple one for the year is to stop cutting, dying, or otherwise bleaching my hair.  I’m going to give myself one chance to low light my ends to make it blend better, but I want to give my hair one year of rest from bleaching and cutting.



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