Vivienne Westwood Granny Boots – A Horror Story

Top:  Gold Label Gage Shirt
Stockings: Japan Label Gage Stockings
Shoes:  Accessories Label Granny Boots
No pants party!  These stockings were too magical for pants.  I bought them off of my friend Alice in Tokyo (Thanks Alice!). The print matches the tartan of the Gage shirt, but the sheer and stretchy nature of the stockings makes it hard to tell when worn.  Anyways, this is not a story about my magical matching stockings.  It’s about the boots, because I almost didn’t get them.  I had bid on them on ebay, winning with a last minute snipe.  I had been looking for a pair of the granny style pirate boots for a long looooong time, so I was extremely happy to win the bid.  BUT THEN, shortly after the auction ended, the seller wasn’t happy with the ending price, so she tried to extort more money out of me by threatening to cancel and relist the boots if I didn’t cough up at least $50 more.  I was like, are you fucking kidding me?!  Of course I disagreed, and told her to cancel the sale and refund me right away.  She sat on my money without a reply for 3 whole days.  Afraid she was going to skip town with my money, I tried to head her off at the pass by filing an early paypal dispute, this freezes her paypal funds for the amount of the sale.  It worked!  Within a few hours of filing the dispute, she panicked and posted the boots in the mail.  I guess she decided that she could live without the extra $50, because I fully expected her to just refund me.  Paypal really saved my ass this time!
grannyboots02wm grannyboots01wm


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