Vivienne Westwood for Woolmark

Top:  Vivienne Westwood for Woolmark Square Tee, Boucher Print
Skirt:  Vivienne Westwood Anglomania
Stockings:  Vivienne Westwood Japan Label Rubbish Stockings
Shoes:  Gold Label Kid Leather Rocking Horse Boots
Hair:  Worlds End Chaos Headband
I really like this shirt that I received as a gift with my purchase (Thanks Teri!).  It is a promotional item for Vivienne Westwood’s collaboration with Woolmark to produce fine knitwear, and was given out during Fashion’s Night Out.  I wasn’t able to go as I was home due to my autoimmune disorder, and while talking to Teri at Vivienne Westwood Los Angeles, I mentioned being sad that I couldn’t make it.  Then when I received my mail order I noticed she tucked the shirt into my package, and I nearly cried.  She was so sweet for doing that.  The shirt is a square pillowcase t-shirt with a print from the Wallace Collection, named Shepherd Watching A Sleeping Shepherdess, by Boucher.  A print she used often for the Portrait collection of AW ’90-’91.  This blog here has a pretty good collection of the lookbook images from that season.  If you would like to know about Westwood’s collaboration with Woolmark, here is a great informational short video with the collection:

This is the print of the shirt, with the actual colors and full detail.  As you can see, it is quite apparent that Vivienne chose this image of the shepherdess sleeping with the sheep, perhaps to draw the connection to the comforts of wearing fine wool, as Andreas is quoted saying, “I love it on the body.  It’s something you can sleep in.”

Photo copyright Vogue Italy, Vogue Fashion’s Night Out
A copy of the flyer from the Conduit store.
From Fashion’s Night Out, Photo Copyright
From Fashion’s Night Out, Photo Copyright
From Fashion’s Night Out, Photo Copyright
From Fashion’s Night Out, Photo Copyright

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