Worlds End Climate Revolution

Top: Worlds End Climate Revolution Square Shirt
Skirt:  Gold Label Red Orange Velvet Skirt
Shoes:  Worlds End Tracey Trainers in tan leather
Acc:  Worlds End Chaos Headband, I am not a Terrorist Choker
The other day, I received my recent Worlds End order from Lisa with some more climate change awareness goodies.  This time I picked the new version of the Chaos headband that is now available in a 100% wool knit, the charity t-shirts for Julian Assange, and the new Climate Revolution square top.  Soon the sales will begin.  Hopefully I will be able to resist but just a few small pieces.  Right now I want to refocus on my Worlds End collection, before going back to seasonal items.
Lately I’ve been going back and merging my old fashion photos with this blog as well.  So if you start seeing random backlogs being added of my adventures with Japanese street fashion, it’s just me going back and filling in the blanks in time.  I’ve already sold my old wardrobe years ago, so please stop messaging me if I still own anything from back then (I can’t sell you what I don’t have).


    1. Assange has a lot of supporters in the USA for his work with wikileaks, and I believe he’s being treated extremely unfairly by our government over it. If we would just drop our case against him and take him off our enemy of the united states list without threat of extradition, then he could return to Sweden for his sexual assault case and have a proper trial.

  1. Yup. But the fact that an influentual woman like Vivienne Westwood chooses to support him, it gives the impression that she supports ALL of him (in this case, his sexual assault matters). And I think that is a dangerous game to play. To go out and say “I support him! He is innocent!” is like saying fuck off to those women who -might- have had experienced something truly aweful. The thing is, we don’t know, because he won’t come to Sweden to get a fair trial. Everyone understand why, of course, although I must admit, it took me a while to get it through my thick skull just how America-friendly we are, aka eager to please the big guys (it’s what we do, one great example is during WW2, when we turned the other way when the nazi’s took a shortcut through our country so they could invade norway, get to the sea, etc, also I think we gave them stuff from our mines or something).So I do understand why people support him, but I can never ever forgive a deed like that (if it turns out to be true), even if he HAS done a huge favour to the world for his job with wikileaks.But this is the problem. He is merely a front person, the face of the organisation. Assagne does not equal Wikileaks, and Wikileaks does not equal Assagne. If he is tried, and found guilty, it is not Wikileaks that gets charged with sexual assault. It’s him. And he should take his resposibility.But then, you also have to remember I’m a Swede, so of course this matter is bit more black/white for me. Although most young people here support him, and is acting like the rest of the world… “Free Assagne, he is innocent! Those girls are liars and whores!”.And it’s all just so sad.

    1. While I have no way to assume what Vivienne is thinking, she’s always been an avid supporter of giving people a fair trial, and is against cruel imprisonment. She probably wants to see him be able to go to trial in Sweden just like the rest of the world, but the only way he’s going to get there is if he gains enough support to potentially get the United States to agree to stop man hunting him. As it is, he’s probably going to die in Ecuador’s embassy before he even gets a trial, and that would an incredible injustice to the women in Sweden, and the United States doesn’t care because they’d be happy if he dead.

  2. The thing is, people around here (aka Sweden, and possibly Europe?) aren’t mad that the US is man-hunting him, they’re mad that Sweden is trying to be the best knee dog the US has ever seen. Needless to say most Swedes don’t have high regards for american politics… :/Naw, I think he’ll be able to get out of the embassy eventually. They can’t keep imprisoned there forever. I mean, would they really keep him under surveille..ance(?), and waste all that man power?

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