Worlds End Chaos Headband and Shirtwaister Envelope Top

Top: Worlds End Shirtwaister/Envelope Top in Purple
Skirt:  Red Label Blue Tartan Pockets Mini Skirt
Tights: Non-brand
Shoes:  Accessories Label Burgundy Slingback Courts
Acc:  Worlds End Re-release Chaos Headband in 100% Lana Wool, I am not a Terrorist Choker
It’s been a low-key holiday weekend for me.  I was planning on visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday, but I couldn’t manage the long drive that day, nor was I really looking forward to having to explain my new autoimmune disorder to 25+ people all day long, all while attempting to avoid all forms of food without feeling like an emotional wreck.  Instead, I stayed home and made turkey dinner for 1 and 2 halves, as it was just me and my poms at home that day.  An orphan thanksgiving if you will.  I didn’t want to over do it and cook too much, so I decided that I had to have a turkey, a gluten free pumpkin pie, gluten free gravy, and some sort of side.  I ended up making green bean casserole without fried onions.  It was all extremely delicious and tasted totally normal.  So I guess for this year, I am thankful for being still alive, and able to eat a thanksgiving meal, even if it is a little bit different from yours.  (Oh, and Worlds End/Vivienne Westwood, but that goes without saying).
20121122-img_3312 PM79ilaOAtrS


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