Goodbye 20s, Hello 30s.

Top:  MAN Pixel Too Fast To Live Shirt
Skirt:  Gold Label Pencil Skirt 1997/SS
Shoes:  Gold Label Bondage Boots
Necklace:  Worlds End Giant Orb Pendant
I’m officially no longer a young adult.  Today I am 30 years old, and I love it.  I don’t know what it is about 30 that scares so many young adults, they feel like it’s the end of the line at this age, but for me, it feels like the beginning.  My twenties were full of many learning experiences, getting into lots of trouble, many tragedies, plenty of social awkwardness, and many hard to cope with memories.  I wouldn’t really want to go through it all over again, but it’s made me who I am, and has taught me how to live.  Now I feel like I can go into my 30s with confidence.
I have some major goals for my 30s.  I want to own property, either a house or a condo.  Do a little bit of travelling to places I have not yet been, such as Venice, Shanghai, and Seoul.  I still haven’t quite figured out what I want to do professionally, I’d like to perhaps start my own business, but that’s a pretty hard thing to accomplish in this economy.  That’s not to say things won’t pick up and change for the better in the future.  I would like to perhaps start my own gluten free patisserie, I’ve found that being a celiac, having limited restaurant options is boring and eating out isn’t hardly as fun as cooking in.  I’m not sure if I want to stay in Los Angeles, or go up to San Francisco, or move back to Tokyo.  My original plan was to move back to Tokyo, but in light of my celiac disease, that is not a good idea, as eating gluten free there is like playing a game on hard mode.  All Japanese soy sauce has gluten in it, and almost all Japanese food is made with soy sauce.  I think I need to spend a little bit more time perfecting my cooking before I can manage living there comfortably again.  That also means I look forward to attending plenty of cooking classes!  Hopefully I won’t get too fat from all this food experimentation, haha.  I think I’ll have to be careful if I want to continue to wear my clothes for as long as they’ll last me.



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