Anglomania Twisted Shorts

T-shirt:  MAN Pixel Too Fast To Live Shirt
Jacket:  Red Label Textured Blazer
Shorts:  Anglomania Twisted Shorts
Shoes:  Gold Label Bondage Boots
Hat:  Worlds End AR Military Cap
Necklace:  Worlds End Giant Orb Pendant
As I have said a million times, I’m not fond of pants, because I’m short and stumpy.  Being 5’4″ and curvy makes pants and shorts a somewhat awkward situation, it just overly accentuates my short stumpy-ness.  I bit the bullet with these, and even though they aren’t very slimming, they are extremely comfortable.  The fabric is durable, the fit is perfect, and I enjoy wearing them around as pajama shorts when I don’t really care what I look like.  I highly suggest them.  I picked this pair up from Amazon for about $55 brand new.  No I’m not affiliated with amazon or vw, I’m just spreading discount knowledge and joy.


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