Long Sleeve Sunday Dress and Celiac Disease

Dress:  Anglomania Long Sleeve Sunday Dress
Socks:  Japan Label Pastel Patchwork OTK Socks
Shoes:  Vintage Elevated Courts
Accessories  Giant Orb Pendant, Worlds End Chaos Headband, Diamante Horn Tiara, Handmade leather cuff.
It has been an interesting couple of weeks.  I’ve been in and out of the doctors office, and I haven’t had much time to update.  It has been so long since I initially came down with mono, that I decided to ask a whole lot of questions to my doctor as to why I’m still feeling under the weather.  She referred me to a couple specialists, and it was my gastroenterologist who decided to screen me for celiac disease.  Shockingly, the test came back positive (not the result we were expecting).  That news hit me last Wednesday, so I’ve been spending my time ever since focusing on reorganizing my entire life to fit around this incredibly specific diet change.
If you don’t know about celiac disease, it is an autoimmune disorder that is triggered by ingesting gluten, such as wheat, rye, and barley, and over time begins to destroy the inner lining of the small intestine, which inadvertently causes malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies, and that triggers all sorts of problems that can mimic just about any illness out there, which is why it’s so hard to diagnose.  It is genetic, so you can’t get celiac disease unless if you have the gene for it, and the gene doesn’t activate until there is incredible trauma, stress, illness, surgery, or injury that happens to the body.  They theorize my mono was so taxing on my immune system, that it activated my gene for celiac disease.
This whole time that I’ve been trying to eat a lot to regain my health, I’ve been actually poisoning myself and making myself weaker/sicker.  The good news is that if I stop eating gluten competely, in about 6 months time I’ll be back to normal! This means I have to spend a lot of time at the store reading labels, checking ingredients, calling manufacturers, and replacing all of my food and contaminated toiletries with gluten free alternatives.  I already had to get rid of my shampoo, conditioner, soy sauce, toothpaste, gum, body lotion, seasoning salt, and boxes and boxes of food.  I still need to go out and get all new cookware, utensils, and storage containers.  Apparently anything more than 30mg of gluten contamination in a day and I’m screwed, so I have to be extra careful if I want to hit the skies in 6 months time and get back on my travel schedule!  So many friendly faces I’ve been missing these past 2 years, and I’m just dying to see everyone.

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  1. I love this dress! And these tights are wonderfully detailed, nice touch!Wow, it sucks that you have to rething your whole diet: gonna make your eating outings with your husband more troublesome/complex from now on… I hope it’s going to make you feel better/ more energetic now, too…But wow, I didn’t think you would even have to watch out for gluten in cosmetics and such, that must be such a pain in the neck (not to mention budget…). I know my ex-boss’ son was allergic to gluten and he wound up at the ER room one day because they made collage at his day camp and the glue they used contained some… When you think of it, isn’t it crazy how all the mundane things from our youths are becoming dangerous towards us as we grow older, these days?It really makes one think….

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