Wearing a bit of red label for a bit of shopping.

Top:  Red Label Heart Tank Top
Skirt:  Red Label Blue Tartan Pocket Mini Skirt
Shoes:  Gold Label Red Mary Janes
Hair Acc:  Worlds End Chaos Headband
Purse:  Beirn Jenna Watersnake Tote
Sunglasses:  Prada Baroque Sunglasses
Necklace:  Gold Small Orb Pendant

Just a quick cell phone snap before heading out to run errands.  Trying out some new sunless tanner to help with my extreme pastiness.  Not that I care about being tan, but people usually mistake my paleness for sickness, so I’m trying it out in an effort to look a bit healthier.  I’ve been thinking lately, perhaps I need to get a proper leather VW shoulder bag.  I have other bags from vw, but not a shoulder bag.  I have a shopper, a camera bag, and a cross body bag that’s a bit too overly stylized to be used daily.  I’m not too fond of strictly handbags, which most of vw bags seem to be.  I’m extremely picky when it comes to quality, so it’s hard for me to ever make a decision, which is why I haven’t bought one.

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