Red Label Purple Pin-Stripe Dress

Dress:  Red Label Pin-stripe Dress in Purple
Belt:  Red Label Taffeta Tartan Heart Corset Belt
Shoes:  Accessories Label Toe Platform in Black Suede
Necklace:  Giant Orb Pendant
It has been a while since my last coordinate update.  It has, unfortunately, been due to a lack of getting dressed in anything other than pajamas and trashy clothes.  I had to pack away my entire collection about a month ago, as our apartment is undergoing some major renovations.  Paint, new A/C, new windows and sliding glass doors, and lots of people in and our of my space.  My neighbor two doors down accidentally had her emergency sprinklers set off because of careless construction workers, and lost everything she owned that wasn’t washable.  Two other neighbors directly across were also flooded by construction workers hammering into the walls and hitting a hot water pipe that busted.
In an effort to not have that happen to me, I started packing all my stuff into water tight containers for temporary storage until renovations are complete.  I can still pull things out when I want to wear them, but the other issue was that in the midst of all this construction madness, I’ve been on a round of steroids to hopefully help restart my immune system, and get it to stop attacking me.  I have a bunch of tests and possibly surgery coming up, so I’ve been preoccupied thinking about getting all my affairs in order for that, and haven’t had much time for anything fancy.
I did however pick up this cute purple Red Label dress from ebay for a bargain, and It makes a pretty good day wear dress.  The bust is draped, and I like the fit around the back of the collar, the way it comes right up to the back of my neck.  I’ll be turning 30 soon (in Nov), maybe then I’ll accept the fact that I’m getting old and wrinkly and will stop over exposing my photos, lol, maybe.

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