Red Label Purple Tartan Shirt and McCambridge Tartan Gillies

Shirt:  Red Label Purple Tartan Long Shirt
Pants: Non-brand jeggings
Shoes:  Accessories Label McCambridge Gillies
Necklace:  VW antique seal choker
I had my light packed away so I wasn’t able to get a good picture today, but I decided to take a coordinate shot using just the natural (dark) lighting coming in from my teeny tiny window.  Sometimes I wish I could just knock the whole wall out and make the entire space a window.  I love natural light and looking outside, and yet I live in a cave. :sadness:  My hair is terrible, as building maintenance was working on my bathroom ventilation system all day, I didn’t want to get in their way, but tonight I’m going to try pincurling my hair.  Hopefully it turns out ok!
I like this shirt because it’s similar to the one that is often seen in the manga Nana.  I’ve been a fan of the comic for more than a decade now, but the way it left off is so depressing.  Anyway, the knit of this shirt is very thick and sturdy being 86% cotton, 9% viscose, and 5% lana wool.  It looks and feels like it’ll stand up to years of abuse and cleanings, and I just love clothes that look like they’ll last a long time.  It has just enough wool to hold in the warmth without any itch, and lots of cotton to make it soft and breathable.  I found it on for about $80, I have no clue why nobody else wanted it even at 80% off, but then I’d like to think it was destiny.
I’m having another go at cleaning out my closet of those things that I just don’t wear as often as I would like, and am looking forward to having a bit more closet space.  Hopefully I don’t take the extra space as an excuse to fill it with more hardly wornables, and that I will actually stick to a more minimalist collection.


  1. You cant beat oversize shirts! Oh wow Nana I havent read for ages, I’ve only got upto about issue 8 then they hiked the prices up so much I couldnt get the rest on import, must check out eBay I didn’t know they had ended the series!!

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