Wolford Bodysuit and Couture Tartan Pencil Skirt

Bodysuit: Vivienne Westwood for Wolford
Skirt:  Couture Tartan Skirt
Shoes:  Vintage Elevated Courts
I gave myself bangs today, or fringe as the rest of the word seems to call it.  Willing my hair to grow faster isn’t working, but you can probably tell from the amount of root growth, I’ve been trying not to bleach the life out of my hair.  I’ll probably just stick with gentle highlights from now on.  Instead of trying to make myself feel better by changing my hair color, lately I’ve been focusing on my strength.  I’ve been doing chin ups every day for the past couple weeks, and it’s starting to show.  Toning up and slimming down, eating healthy and lifting weights!  After mono, I gained 10 lbs rather rapidly being so hungry all the time coming out of 9 months of illness starvation, so I’m trying to circumvent the weight gain into muscle, while eating as much as I like within reason.


  1. Have you tried Biotin? Its a supplement for hair, I’ve been taking it in prep for a new med I have to start taking which can cause hair loss and it has been making my hair grow faster and stronger. Even my brother has started taking it to regrow his hair after shaving his head in a mad moment and his hair is looking good!

    1. I will have to look into biotin, I haven’t heard of it before. My hair is naturally very thick and a bit unruly, but I have been bleaching the life out of my scalp for the past 15 years, that I’m afraid I’ve kind of destroyed a lot of my hair follicles. This is what my natural hair looks like, from when I was 13 just before I hacked it all off and bleached it white. Oh to be young and rebellious. My mom is a hair stylist, and she wouldn’t let me cut my hair until I was about 15 I think. https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/252441_1744995665158_7588795_n.jpg

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