Anglomania Mini Crini



Top:  Anglomania Japanese Flower Fortune Top
Skirt:  Anglomania Black Eyelet Mini Crini
Stockings:  Japanese Label Floral Tights
Shoes:  Gold Label Elevated Boots

The sales are starting!  This end of season I picked up the mini crini in black eyelet cotton fabric.  It is really easy to wear!  The structure of the hoops is quite malleable and easy to mash about to fit through narrow doors, walking in between people in crowded areas, sitting in chairs, etc.  I love it, it’s such a throwback to my old lolita silhouette I’m so used to.  I feel I might need to get the other renoir mini crini this season, but I’m debated between that and the dark blue eight skirt.  So many choices!!  Really looking forward to the upcoming fall winter items, everything looks fantastic.  I have a serious lack of shirts that needs remedying.  For now though, it’s time to enjoy the summer time!




  1. Really, really love how you styled this outfit. Im literally just on my way to the VW sale as it started today, Im going to get the Renoir crini, they have it in white too at Worlds end which is gorgeous. But if you dont already have an eight skirt seriously you need one in your life xx

    1. Get it get it!! I can’t wait to see you coordinate the renoir mini crini!!! Your stylings are always so much classier than mine, haha. I have a hard time keeping the laid back southern california look out of my coordinates. Most people in LA just walk around in flip flops and beach wear over here, something that I am not immune to.

    2. Ha ha I always think your co-ords are more exciting than mine, you mix the colours so well. I bought a basic white top to wear with it but I think it will go with so many other things. I really want to try wearing it under a dress!

  2. Lovely outfit. I really like your makeup as well, you look kinda like druggie barbie or something. In a cool way, of course. Can I put it up on tumlbr and link it back here?

    1. I’ve ordered from a couple different places. Most recently I’ve ordered from this company, they are very fast and efficient.'ve also used, but it appears they’ve lowered their stock and are now focused on custom orders. There wigs are my personal favorite in terms of quality, but they are much more expensive.Full lace wigs run between $175 and $350, depending on color, and length.

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