Gold Label Mary Janes and Gage Shirt


Top:  Gold Label Gage Shirt
Skirt:  Red Label Tartan Pockets Mini Skirt
Socks:  Japan Label Pastel Patchwork OTK Socks
Shoes:  Gold Label Red Mary Janes
Accessories:  World’s End John Bull Hat, I am not a terrorist choker, orb swatch.

Wow, ok, that’s a lot of me in one picture, but I guess I just took a lot of pictures today that I liked, and I wanted to include them all.  Haha.  I trimmed my hair a bit, so it’s at this really cute length reminscent of 1920’s hair styles, a little curl in the front and short in the back.  I really need to stop bleaching the life out of my hair, perhaps I’ll switch to highlights and only destroy some of it  instead of all of it.  As you can see I’m still one for intense colors and patterns.  You can always tell how happy I am by how much color I’m wearing.


  1. I still need to get some Worlds ends hats, every time I see yours I want one. I was going to get the straw mountain but they sold out right away. Loving the cuff worn around your leg! I bet that one took ages to make x

    1. I was very lucky with the hats. The Melrose boutique in Los Angeles got a shipment in from World’s End and they called me that morning and told me to get my ass over for first pick. All they had were the john bull hats, and mountain hats. I still really want a bowler.

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