Gold Label Silver T-Bar Pumps and Strawberry Spikes


Top:  Non-brand white tank top
Skirt:  Red Label Hot Pink Pockets Mini Skirt
Leggings:  Japan Label Hot Pink Floral Leggings
Shoes:  Gold Label Silver T-Bar Pumps
Accessories:  Diamante Horn Tiara, Silver Giant Orb Pendant, Hermes Hapi Red Leather Bracelet, DIY Silver Bracelet (from yesterday’s post), New DIY Strawberry Spikes Bracelet (I made today)

You can’t deny the energy of Spring/Summer.  You know that feeling you get when you walk outside and the weather is so perfect you actually just want to go walk about naked, but for social decency you grab the bright colors and some new shades.  For my 5 year anniversary my hubby gifted me a new pair of Chanel 5229Q sunglasses.  They’re golden yellow with patent leather on the sides.  For a guy who has zero sense of fashion, I think he picked a pretty good pair!

20120527-img_1590 20120527-img_1601 20120527-img_1604
This morning I made a new bracelet I’ve temporarily dubbed Strawberry Spikes (not very original, I know).  I think I’m on a roll with a theme of sticking studs and spikes in things, instead of just having stand alone spikes.  I think it turned out pretty cute, I’ll probably wear this one pretty regularly just because I like it.

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