White Graffiti Tartan Suit and Sack Boots

Jacket:  Red Label Japan Graffiti Tartan Blazer in Grey
Skirt:  Red Label Japan Graffiti Tartan Pleated Skirt in Grey
Shoes:  Accessories Gray Leather Sack Boots
Accessories:  Solid Horn Tiara, Giant Orb Pendant
I picked up this suit from Japan, it’s made by the Japanese VW manufacturer, which means the quality is a little bit different than the Italian manufacturer.  The buttons are a golden metal with the orb imprinted into it, as opposed to the brown carved buttons of the Italian version.  Also the fabric is a bit more of a lighter weight woolen weave, which is slightly less itchy to wear than my Italian graffiti tartan skirt as it is a bit rough to the touch.  It’s interesting to see the difference in quality between the two manufacturers.
ジャケット: 赤タグ|クレヨンチェック変形ジャケット
スカート: 赤タグ|クレヨンチェック変形プリーツスカート
靴下: ヴィヴィアンウエストウッドのアクセサリーズ|サックブーツ
ヘアアクセ: ヴィヴィアンウエストウッド|ディアマンテホーンティアラ、ジャイアントオーブペンダント


  1. Super VW envy that you have Japan label!! Ive only been able to get the tights, socks and stationary as they import them into the stores. Did you know Hervia has now closed? The website is gone and all the former Hervia stores are now owned by VW London as they lost their franchise contract. Big changes are afoot over here, they closed half of the old Hervia VW stores too!

  2. NOOooOOOoo. I tried ordering the bag boots from them while they had the sale up, and they never sent then. It took me sending about 4 angry emails before they finally refunded my money. I think a lot of other international customers haven’t gotten their orders or refunds yet as well, I wonder how that will work out now. They really handled this poorly. I wonder why they ended their contract so early?

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