dressupanim2Happy New Year everyone!  For the first day of the year, my friend challenged me to take 366 photos, as opposed to the popular 365 photos each day for the entire year.  I failed miserably in my attempt.  I had a fun idea to take a picture of myself in the same pose wearing 366 different outfits, but it took too much time, and only got about 15 pictures in before I got hungry, and then tired, and gave up.  This year is going to be fairly eventful if I can manage to keep my strength up.  I don’t know quite yet what direction I’m going to take with my blog at the moment.  I’ll probably just keep posting coordinate pictures when I get new things, but in the coming months I plan to put all major purchases on hold while I save up for some epic travel adventures.  So this may turn into a fashionable adventure blog depending on how the year pans out.img_0201img_0212img_0219 img_0231 img_0240 img_0248 img_0255 img_0273 img_0282 img_0297 img_0322 img_0333 img_0343 img_0352 img_0362Of course I had to toss in one non-Vivienne Westwood dress for good sport.img_0371    


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