Rubens Print Twister Elephant Dress

Dress:  Anglomania Rubens Print Twister Elephant Dress
Tights:  Sock Dreams Purple Opaque Tights
Shoes:  Propaganda Pirate Bootsimg_6652
Necklace:  Giant Orb Pendant
Hair Acc:  Diamante Horn Tiara
Rings:  Silver Armor Ring, Enamel 3D Orb Ring, Blue Cabochon Ring, Tiffany and Co Atlas Sterling Silver Atlas Ring
Today I was invited to/planning to go to the Vivienne Westwood Red Carpet Capsule Collection release party at the Melrose boutique, but I sadly didn’t make it.  I’m hoping there will be some photo reports on the event soon, so if anyone sees anything online send me a link!  Today I wore my twister elephant dress from this season’s Rubens Print collection, the print of the painting is even more spectacular in real life.  The fabric is light weight and unlined, which makes me happy since I’ll be able to wear this all year round.  I love the design, and will most likely pick this dress up in different colorway in the future.


  1. Thank you. The silver armor ring is from It was cheaper for me to order it from them, rather than getting it in the store here in Los Angeles, since Hervia doesn’t make you pay sales tax for international buyers, and a lot of times they have free shipping specials. The Giant Orb Pendant I purchased from a retailer in Japan that imported them, but you can get them directly via mail order from World’s End in London.

  2. I fell for that print too, its nice to see it again after so long. I got the straight dress rather than the twister, I love both though and have been eyeing up a Monday top in the print too!

  3. Oh, do you have a post with the straight dress? I want to see it worn! My friend in Tokyo has the friday dress, it’s fun to see how we each chose the different dress styles.

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