Red Velvet Skirt and I Am Not A Terrorist

Top:  I Am Not A Terrorist T-Shirt in Navy
Skirt:  Red Velvet Knee Length Skirt
Tights:  Vivienne Westwood Japan Red and Navy Tights
Shoes:  Calvin Klein Navy Low Heeled Pumps
Necklace:  I Am Not A Terrorist Choker
Bracelet:  I Am Not A Terrorist Bracelet
Watch:  Orb Swatch
Belt:  Non-brand tour goods from a Japanese rock concert.
I’m so matchy matchy lately.  I need to break this habit soon, but I’m having fun.  This skirt is interesting, I’m not quite sure where the front is, but then instead of looking for it I just assume that it’s one of those VW pieces that is to be worn however you want.  On the side shown there is a asymmetrical hem that comes up into a diagonal slit, and the back has sideways pleating creating an interesting curve effect over the rear and below that there is another smaller slit.  I’ll have to play around with it some more and find which way I like it.  I still have 3 more skirts to photograph, so I’ll probably have to come back to this one in a few weeks.


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