Lita Spike Shoes and Necklace Custew Dress

Jacket:  Non-brand Black Leather Jacket
Dress:  Vivienne Westwood Red Label Japan Necklace Print Pink Cutsew Dress
Tights:  Vivienne Westwood Japan Baby Blue Logo Tights
Shoes:  Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike
Acc:  Diamante Horn Tiara (worn as necklace)
It’s super cold and rainy here in Los Angeles today.  Quite strange really.  I felt like wearing something that could easily transition into snuggling in blankets with a hot drink.  This cutsew dress is from the Japanese branch, I’ll have to remember one day to scan some lookbooks of the Japanese seasons, as they pretty much have their own line made every season separate from what is made in Italy/UK, and as such have their own books.  I’m not sure how I feel about it yet though.  Honestly considering that most of what is made for the Western market isn’t necessarily designed by Vivienne Westwood herself either it shouldn’t be a problem, but I’m sure Vivienne and Andreas have more of a hand in the process than what is churned out in the Asian market.  While it’s all under the same name brand umbrella, and the clothing resembles the style, I can’t help but feel a little bit strange about it.  The Japanese lines tend to sway more toward the brand symbolism rather than the European lines which are more about cut and playing with shapes and patterns.  More and more I feel like I should lay off the mass market designs and just save my money for more items from World’s End.
litaspike-3 qP2KqiU-ziY0

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