Melissa Gold Wing Sandals

Dress:  Anglomania Sunday Dress w/ matching kerchief
Shawl:  Humanade Blue Squiggle Shemagh
Stockings:  Vivienne Westwood Japan Rubbish Stockings
Shoes:  Anglomania x Melissa Gold Wing Sandals
Necklaces:  Small Orb Pendant, Silver Tiny Orb Pendant, Skull Orb Pendant, Seal Pendant
Belt:  Non-brand
The color of these shoes is magnificent.  They literally radiate with even the smallest bit of light.  Honestly I wasn’t quite expecting them to be so awesome.  I can see now why these shoes are the hardest to find in this particular color.  It took me a long time to hunt them down.  I ended up having to trade out my black winged sandals to afford these, and I don’t regret it in the slightest.
The other day I donated for a second time to Humanade and this time I picked out the red shawl with my donation, but I feel that the blue shawl will forever be my favorite.  It’s smaller than a real shemagh, but large enough to fit over my petite shoulders to keep me warm on cold days and is light enough to wear in the summer to keep the sun off my skin.  Actually, since it’s been oddly cold here in Los Angeles, I’ve sometimes been wearing it in real shemagh fashion wrapped around my head to keep me warm, it helps to keep the cold air from breezing around my neck and down my back through my collar.  I probably look pretty ridiculous wearing it that way while outside for just a simple dog walk, but I’m no stranger to looking like a weirdo in public, and would rather be warm than shivery.



  1. Thanks! Yes, these shoes are now pretty rare and sold out. I managed to find mine on resale from someone in the UK. I hope you can find yourself a pair! Good luck!

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