World’s End Red Squiggle Shirt and CHAOS Headband


Shirt:  World’s End Red Squiggle Shirt
Skirt:  Red Label Velvet Mini Skirt
Leggings:  Vivienne Westwood Japan Leopard Wool Leggings
Shoes:  Red Squiggle Pirate Boots
Headband:  World’s End CHAOS Headband
Necklace:  Giant Orb Pendant
Pins:  NINSDOL Pin, +5° Pin

I got my mail order from Worlds End today!  Since this was the first time ordering directly from the shop, I decided just to get two pieces, the CHAOS headband, and the red squiggle pirate shirt.  Lisa at Worlds End is so helpful and friendly!  I highly recommend calling up the shop if you want to order anything, it was simple and easy.  My package was shipped via DHL, and arrived in just a few days after my order was placed.  I really can’t thank Lisa enough for her awesome customer service skills.  Definitely a customer for life now.

I know this coordinate isn’t the best, but I was just too excited to try my stuff on, I just tossed it over what I had on.  There are still so many pieces I need to add to my collection. Next on my list includes tracy trainers, boxer shorts, tree socks, a lot of Japanese tights and opaque colored tights, and well everything else.



  1. Thanks! I’m really glad I called her, she is very helpful and sent me a bunch of photos of their stock to choose from! Now I’m sure I’ll be ordering from her often.

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