Propaganda Pirate Boots


Dress:  Anglomania Madras Monday Dress
Boots:  2005 Propaganda Heeled Pirate Boots

Shirt:  Los Angeles Shirt
Pants:  MILK Gold Pleather Shorts
Boots:  2005 Propaganda Heeled Pirate Boots

Two outfits today!  Actually, the second one was just a funny coordinate for my best friend, who thinks my gold shorts are the most hilarious thing she has ever seen.  They are far more ridiculous in real life than they look in the photos.  They are from a Japanese brand called MILK, one of my other favorite casual brands that I wear often.  This post is actually more of a celebration over my boots rather than gold shorts though, haha.  I bought these second hand from someone selling them in the UK, and they are the most glorious pair of boots I have ever laid eyes on.  They fit like a glove, don’t hurt to walk in, and the heel isn’t too high that I feel like I’m going to fall forward.  They are made of thick natural leather, and as such have a very potent odor that reminds me of being on a horse ranch.  It quite literally smells like horse saddles on a hot summer day, which is kind of gross and took me a while to get used it, as it’s definitely not your average leather handbag type smell.  Smell aside though, they are great, and I’m sure I’ll be wearing these a lot now that it’s time for fall!

On the runway:

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