Violet Gainsborough Dress


Dress: Anglomania Purple Satin Gainsborough Dress
Coat: Anglomania Summer Coat
Shoes: Black Patent Elevated Courts
Necklace: Mini Bas Relief Choker
Ring: Silver Armor Ring
Hair Acc: Diamante Horn Tiara

I dyed one of my wigs violet/purple the other day, so I wanted to wear it. The color doesn’t quite match my violet gainsborough dress, but it’s close enough for comfort. This summer coat is the tits. Even if I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to get out of my pajamas, I can robe myself in this coat to hide the grunge. Also, I inevitably have to make inappropriate hand gestures when showing my armor ring to curious people. Or did I just buy a ring that fits my middle finger so I can use it an excuse to make inappropriate gestures? Take your pick.


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